Taiji Chin Na “The Art of Seizing”

Throughout the world many individuals are practicing the ancient Chinese mind & body system known as Taijiquan. Many practice Taijiquan purely for relaxation and general health maintenance through gentle exercise. But, there are also many who practice Taijiquan as a Martial Art and who also specialise in the “Seizing & Grasping Art” of the joints, tendons and muscles known (Taiji Chin Na). Within the many different styles of Taijiquan form work hides a vast amount of Martial Art applications that includes many variations of joint locking techniques. To help develop their skill in being able to apply fast, powerful, practical and effective Taiji Chin Na techniques you must also be skilful in your ability to stick (Nian), adhere (Zhan) to your opponents attacking limb and use your sense of touch to listen Ting) to your opponents intent. By practicing the Taiji Pushing Hands exercise (Taiji Tuishou) you are able to enhance your sensitivity as shown below in the video blog below to help develop your listening, sticking and adhering skill.

The importance of practicing the Taiji Pushing Hands (Taiji Tuishou) exercise is vitally important in the learning of Taijiquan in general, as it allows the. Taiji practitioner to fully utilise the eight energies of Taijiquan ( Peng, Lu, An, Ji, Lie, Zhou, Cai, Kao) which in turn benefits the skill needed to apply the many Taiji Chin Na joint locking techniques. Because as soon as your opponents make contact with any part of your body, you are able to to feel or listen to his or her intention and are able to stick and follow your opponents force and then quickly apply a practical and effective Taiji Chin Na technique. The most wonderful thing about learning Taijiquan as a Martial Art, especially using the Taiji Chin Na joint locking skills is that anyone can learn them and become very proficient. As you only need to use a minimum amount of strength to effectively apply these Taiji Chin Na techniques so they are very useful for women and girls to learn how to break free of grips and holds.

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