Yang Style Taijiquan Squeezing Technique

As with all the many different Taijiquan styles they all have the something in common and that is the use of the Eight Energies or Doors (Bamen). This blog will be covering the Squeezing Technique or method (Ji Fa). The Yang style Taijiquan uses the Squeezing technique in many variations, the most common method is what is demonstrated in the photo that accompanies this particular blog. The front arm is held horizontal in a Ward Off technique,( Peng Fa). while the rear hand gently presses against the wrist of the front arm, using a Pressing technique (An Fa) giving the impression that the two methods are Squeezing towards each.
The Squeezing method is basically a compression technique, where your two hands are facing each other and are gently Squeezing towards each other as if Squeezing the air out of a ball. As already mentioned above the Squeezing method can be combined with any of the other Eight energies, such as using the Ward Off and Pressing combination, or you can squeeze your two hands towards each other like holding ball between your hands, while using the Rollback method.
To achieve a powerful Squeezing technique it must involve the whole body moving in the correct direction. Starting from the feet and passing through the waist and shoulders into the two hands that are performing the Squeezing technique to either bounce your opponent away or to help pull his or her root so that your opponent is taken off balance.
In the practice of the Yang style Taijiquan the Squeezing method is used regularly throughout the many variations there are of the Yang style Taijiquan forms from the Simplified to the Traditional. But the testing ground for all of the Eight energies of Taijiquan is not found in the forms practice, but is found in the Taiji Pushing Hands exercise (tuishou). This particular exercise it the laboratory for many practitioners of Taijiquan to understand and develop their skill in applying the Eight energies of Taijiquan in its many combinations. Which in-turn will deepen their knowledge in the true art of Taijiquan.

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