Chin Na joint warm up exercises.

Because Chin Na is the art of seizing & grasping the joints, tendons and muscles. Then it is quite obvious that part of the Chin Na foundational exercises ( Jibengong) is that each practitioner goes through a series of warming up exercises that develop flexibility within the joints,tendons and ligaments. As shown in the photo that accompanies this blog is a typical wrist warming up exercise that is used in Chin Na. it is important to gently stretch the wrist joint ( Wan Gu) for example with a series of wrist exercises that stretch the tendons and warm the joint up before you begin your Chin Na joint locking techniques.
But the main reason for warming and stretching the wrist joint for example, as it is for the other joints of the fingers, elbow and shoulder. Is that your flexibility will allow you enough time to escape from any lock. Say your opponent as managed to successfully apply a wrist lock (Wan Suo) on your right wrist. Because you have been working on your basic joint warming exercise, has you feel the pressure being applied to your own right wrist, you are able to absorb your opponents pressure enough so that you can quickly change the angle of your wrist and ride your opponents wrist lock to either escape or even apply a counter lock. To the ordinary person in the street who does not practice maintaining joint flexibility in their upper limbs, then the wrist lock would have most possibly broken their wrist, due to their own wrists being to stiff and tense.
Within the practice of Chin Na the basic foundational exercise must involve strengthening exercises for improving your grasp, which should feel like a vice. But you must also work on developing joint, tendon and ligament flexibility. Supple joints allow the practitioner of Chin Na to be able to absorb enough pressure of a lock to give them time to escape by changing the angle. Another key factor to being able to escape from any lock is to relax and not resist by tensing up. To escape from any joint lock is known as (Fan Chin Na) which means to escape and counter back with a mother lock the key skills that needed by a practitioner of Chin Na to escape and counter is 1. Relax, 2. Improve joint, tendon & ligament flexibility, 3. Have good tactile listening skills (ting Jing).

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