Learning is easy,But Practice takes Discipline.

There are many individuals and groups of people who take up the learning of either Tai Chi or Qigong. Sadly there are two kinds of interested students. There are the followers or robots, these are individuals who come along to a particular Tai Chi or Qigong class and enjoy following the teacher as he takes them through a sequence of movements, but never take the information in that the teacher is giving to them to be able to practice on their own. This particular type of student will always stay on a basic level and will never reach the higher levels of the particular style.
The second type of student is known as the intelligent student. This person can remember what his or her teacher as shown them and practices it in their own time, refining the movements and developing their skill level. This particular person will be able to reach the higher levels of their chosen Tai Chi or Qigong style.
Because the arts of Tai Chi and Qigong are have many different layers it is important that students take time to practice what they have learnt. So that the teacher can see that their skill and understanding is moving in the right direction and obviously if you are learning Tai Chi or Qigong to balance the state of your well-being and health. Then the more you practice on your own on a regular basis then the more you will reap the benefits towards a more relaxed, calm and healthier you. I have always said that the learning of new things in your Tai Chi or Qigong class is good fun. But regular practice takes discipline. The Chinese have a term which they call “Gongfu” and no it has nothing to do with martial arts. It actually means time and energy and is a kind of compliment given to someone who has achieved a high level of work or skill.
So to achieve a higher level of Gongfu in your Tai Chi or Qigong or anything, then you must put the “Time & Energy” into your practice in your own time and not just once a week when you decide to turn up at your local Tai Chi, Qigong or Martial Arts class to participate. Your teacher will know immediately if you have been practicing or not, just because you pay for your class, does not mean that you have the right for your teacher to show you more information a good teacher makes you earn it by your actions and not your words or money. So please do not become a lazy robotic student who does not have the respect to learn or practice what as has been given to them to help them develop I and improve themselves.

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