LFIAA Residential Weekend Course 2014

There are many benefits to running a weekend or week long residential course on the Traditional Chinese Internal Arts of health, self healing, meditation and martial arts. Of cause the location of the venue as to be just right and in our case I think we totally got the location spot on. It was based in the rial area on the coast, it was easy to access with beautiful country side walks a fantastic beach and most of all it was quiet. The accommodation was basic but comfortable and big.
The LFIAA residential weekend started with Early morning Patting Qigong to help stimulate the internal energy and gently wake the body and mind up after a nights sleep. After breakfast the attending students progressed through the Li style Taijiquan slow and fast forms, Taiji Pushing Hands, Taiji Staff Form and much more. On the days that it was warm and sunny the group practiced outside in the fresh air drawing in the strong energy (Qi) from the environment. After a long lunch break the students practiced the internal martial art of Feng Shou-Gongfu covering various striking and kicking techniques and applications, plus they went on to practice the Eight Directional Stepping exercise using broadswords and staffs to develop their weapons training.
After another short break the last session of the day was an hour long class covering the Daoist Yoga system of the Li family system. Which was of great help to the students in helping them to recover from a hard days training in the Daoist Arts.
The great benefit of training on a residential course is that you can live and breath the internal arts with nice like minded individuals in a relaxed, stress free environment and make new friends that can last a life time.

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