Releasing Negative Qi

Through the movements of the Daoist swimming dragon qigong form, which uses a combination of gentle, passive actions that draws strong energy (Qi) into the body from the environment. Whereas, the fast, vigorous actions of the swimming dragon qigong form help to disperse negative energy out of the body. Which, if left to long in the body can start to effect the health of the individual on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level
The use of fast vigorous movements in the art of qigong usually means to use shaking or flicking movements of the upper and lower limbs to disperse the sickly energy (Bing Qi) out of the energy pathways (Jingluo) . The shaking and flicking movements can help to remove blocked energy (Qi) or blood (Xue) stagnation which can lower your immune system by weakening the defensive energy (Wei Qi) if left to long.
Also the dispersing techniques can also help to release negative energy like frustration, anger, anxiety which can effect your emotional state and can cause ill health if left to build up in the body. The releasing of negative energy can allow both the mind and body to fully relax and strengthen there connections.
When applying any of the shaking or flicking movements the whole limb must be involved in the dispersing of the negative or sickly energy and not just the flicking of the wrist or fingers for example. The shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers must be used in a continuous shaking action that connects to the body to release the negative energy. The more skilfully you can become in your dispersing techniques the greater depth you can achieve in releasing negative or sickly energy out of your body at any level.
At a higher level of qigong practice a skilled practitioner can actually feel their energy leave their own body this is called (Fa Jing) or the emitting out of energy. When you feel warmth and tingling sensations in your limbs that is a sign of good blood and energy circulation, but when you feel your energy discharge from your body you will feel a cool or cold feeling in your fingers and palms you might even feel a vacuum or a feeling of emptiness. This feeling only lasts a few seconds.

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