Taiji Qin Na Self Defence for Women

There are many women and girls who practice Taiji mainly for relaxation and we’ll-being and are unaware that the Taijiquan style that they practice can also offer them a method of self defence.
Taijiquan is purely a non-aggressive form of self defence where you are taught to use the same circular flowing actions that you would use to help you relax. But now use them same movements in a more fast, alive and powerful way as a method of self defence from being held or struck at.
The theory of Taiji Qin Na is to use little strength in applying any of its joint locking techniques, but to use a superior knowledge of angles, leverage, compression and balance to apply fast, practical and effective joint locks to subdue or immobilise an aggressive situation.
The training of Taiji Qin Na for self defence would involve bringing the eight energies of Taijiquan ward off, rollback, press, squeeze, bump, grasp, elbow and split in practical application involving two-person training exercises like Taiji push hands (Tui Shou) and free sparring (sanshou). These training drills will develop each individuals ability to listen (ting) through the sense of touch and to stick/adhere (nian fu) to the training partners limbs and bring the eight energies alive .
The practice of Taijiquan is an all-round exercise that develops not just health and we’ll-being. But it can also develop self confidence, self awareness, self achievement and of cause a method of non-aggressive self defence that is suitable for everyone, especially girls and women as the essence of Taijiquan is to use “softness to over-come hardness”. Properly the most important aspect of Taijiquan for me is that you can practice your Taiji for health or self defence or both right up to your old age, as there is also a possibility that you will also be attacked in your old age and there are not many activities that can offer you health, meditation and self defence in one package like the Chinese internal martial arts can..


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