Taijiquan Qin Na Grasping the Situation.

Qin Na means to (seize & grasp) the joints, tendons and muscles of your opponent to either subdue or immobilise an aggressive situation. As we all know the ancient Chinese mind & body system of Taijiquan is considered a Chinese internal martial art, and covers striking, kicking, wrestling & throwing techniques.
No matter what style of Taiji form you practice in the mornings or evenings they will all have certain movements that contain Qin Na seizing & grasping techniques. Many individuals practice Taijiquan for relaxation and we’ll-being and have no idea at all what the movements that they perform actually do.
Because Taijiquan is known for its soft, flowing circular movements, many of these flowing circular movements are used to up root you opponents balance and apply fast, powerful joint locking techniques.
Taiji Qin Na covers six different levels 1. Mis-placing the bone (Cao gu), 2. Dividing the tendons (Fen Jin) 3. Grasping the muscles ( zhua Jin) 4. Sealing the blood (Dian Xue) 5.sealing the breath (Bi Qi) 6. Pressing energy points (Dian mai)
Taiji Qin Na joint locking techniques are fast, practical and effective they do not need great amounts of strength to apply them , but with a superior knowledge of angles, leverage and compression anyone can use them to full effect..

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