The Taiji Pole of Taijiquan

In the practice of Taijiquan’s inner work (neigong) there is a central line that runs directly through the centre of the body from the top of the head down to the bottom of the pelvis. In the practice of Taijiquan and qigong this central line (Zhong ding) is called the Taiji pole and it connects the heavenly yang acu-point at the crown of the head (baihui) with the earth yin acu-point at the bottom of the pelvis the (huiyin).
The Taiji pole also connects the three main energy centres of the lower, middle and upper dan tians (furnaces). The lower dan tian transform essences (jing) into energy (qi), the middle dan tian transforms the energy (qi) into spirit (Shen) while the upper dan tian transforms the spirit (Shen) into empty ness (Wuji).
In the practice of Taijiquan proper body alignment is of great importance and especially with the correct alignment of the Taiji pole. Any mis-alignment of the body can affect the circulation of energy throughout the whole body. When practicing any of the Taijiquan’s movements the individual is taught to maintain an upright posture and move from the waist (Yao) turning around the central line or Taiji pole keeping the baihui and huiyin in correct alignment at all times.
There are many individuals who are practicing Taijiquan and are unaware of the Taiji pole central line theory. Many times have I seen individuals practice their Taiji or qigong exercises and lean forwards into their movements or are hunched over mis-aligning their Taiji pole and disturbing the flow of their internal energy.

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